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Saturn vs. Honda


Saturn vs. Honda

Ah the car wars! Have you been shopping for a new car lately? I find the experience to be a huge pain in the abs! Currently we lease a Saturn Relay and we are trying to decide what to do once our lease has ended. This isn't something we would normally do (lease a vehicle). Long story short we have pros and cons to weigh.
Saturn experience:
During our routine maintenance at Saturn over the weekend we took a look at their Outlooks. The sales guys and the managers are all very nice and not pushy at all. They seem to be ready and willing to help us find what we are looking for. We were immediately shown the vehicle and we took note of all the bells and whistles and what we needed and what we didn't. We have purchased two Saturn vehicles so we have experience with this manufacturer. What am I looking for? I'm looking for something that is going to hold 2 cars seats and a growing boy that will have to crawl around for a place to sit. How easy is it going to be for him to get in and out of the car? How much room is there? I'm thinking about trips to Sams and the grocery store. What's the gas mileage and most of all what is the price? How does that price break down on a monthly basis to fit within our budget? Saturn runs the numbers on this Outlook. Sticker price $33K which breaks down to 2K down at 2.9% and monthly payments of $730 - $745 on a smart buy program and $650 or so to buy it out right. LOLOLOLOLOLOL - RIGHT! The manager comes over to talk with my husband. I'm chasing the toddler around as he climbs in and out of cars. I'm done! I tell Mr. Manager, "sorry we have to go I'm swelling like a balloon!" It was the only way they would let us leave!

Now let's look at the Honda experience. We get to the dealership and it is very non-family friendly. We actually waited around for someone to help us and when they didn't we had to ask for someone to come and help us. That's a huge difference from Saturn. There was nothing for the kids to do and our toddler was tired and didn't want to be there at all. Finally a sales guy (an ex-marine) sits with my dh while I'm chasing the toddler around the dealership (not cool). I finally work my way back to Mr. Sales guy and tell him "I'm sorry you are out of time." He looks at me with this blank look. I said, "No I'm serious. If you don't have a car to show me outside right now we have to leave because I can't chase my toddler around." He quickly asks me what I want and then pulls this Odessey around. It's pretty darn cool! It seats 8 and the back is awesome because of the design. The back is deep so that you can pile up those shopping bags and you can move all the seats around with ease. Sticker price? 32K. This is as far as we got. We didn't have time to run numbers or credit reports. The kids were done! The manager comes over and he wants us to take the van and bring our other in to take a look at the trade in value etc. We passed because we aren't in a hurry to make a decision.

We get home and Saturn has left us a message. All of a sudden our monthly payments can be lowered another hundred dollars. The art of haggling is beyond me. Why can't it just be simple?


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