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Boogie Shoes - Day 158


Boogie Shoes - Day 158

Oh my poor feet! Yesterday was just a joke for my feet. I had to go and get my son from grandma's house. I couldn't find my flip flops so I grabbed a pair of sandles and I couldn't get my feet inside them! Then I grabbed my favorite sketchers and put those on. My skin was busting out of the straps. Are you grossed out? I was! My feet were so swollen and eventually I just had to take them off. These shoes are great but I don't recommend the sight see style. Your big toe can make a nice little hole in the netting. They are cute but not to be worn for long periods of time. All the other styles are cute but I would avoid the netting. Academy carries a wide selection of Skechers. I will be thankful when I stop swelling and get my body back to some sort of normalcy. That made me think of KC and The Sunshine Band's Boogie Shoes which as you might have guessed is now my song of the day! Enjoy.

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