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The Lives of Others - A Movie Review


The Lives of Others - A Movie Review

Pay attention closely to those subtitles because they can be at the top of the screen or below the screen. This turned out to be a positive because I was really tired and not in the mood to read a movie. I'm not sure how I missed that this was a German foreign film with subtitles when I put it in my Netflix queue. I've had this for a while just waiting for 138 minutes to spare. This is a pretty good movie with an interesting twist at the end. I won't spoil it for you in case you decide to rent it. It is a little creepy to think that there were secret police listening and watching everything you did!

The following information is from Netflix. Plot: Set in 1980s East Berlin, director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's debut feature (which earned an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film) provides an exquisitely nuanced portrait of life under the watchful eye of the state police as a high-profile couple is bugged. When a successful playwright and his actress companion become subjects of the Stasi's secret surveillance program, their friends, family and even those doing the watching find their lives changed too.
Rated R
Length: 138 minutes
Martina Gedeck

Sebastian Koch

Ulrich Mühe

Ulrich Tukur

Thomas Thieme

Hans-Uwe Bauer

Volkmar Kleinert

Matthias Brenner

Charly Hübner


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