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The Baby and I Thank You!


The Baby and I Thank You!

As a fellow online boutique owner I have had the privilege of working with some fantastic companies. Some of the owners were kind enough to send me their products to use for our new baby that will be arriving very soon. Thank you so much!
Boca Beth - Spanish Beginners Set - complete with an egg shaker, Boca puppet, music cd and dvd. The boys love the entire set and fight over the puppet. I need to buy another one. Lily Cait - Baby's First tutu. Everyone that has seen it has just gushed all over it. It's beautifully handmade and I can't wait to get her photo taken in it. DekoPosh - The (BFF) Best Friends Forever onesie in pink. She will be trendy with her texting outfit. Regionz Kidz - A taxi urban sketch on a t-shirt with pink trim. She's going to look so hip! The scene reminds me of New York! That's one of my all time favorite places to visit. Jenna Claire - The Baby I'm Yours diaper bag, Make Up Your Mind make-up bag and the Presto Chang-o pad. How refreshing it is to see different fabrics that can be used. I really needed a new diaper bag too. Thanks again to all these wonderful companies for donating such great products. Special thanks to Krista owner of Boutique Flair and Beth from Boca Beth.

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