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Saturn - An Update


Saturn - An Update

I haven't returned the phone call to the manager to find out what new numbers he has for us. It's during the week and we are way too busy to think about the car wars again. This morning I found this comment in my email:

"Hi. I work for Saturn and ran across you post while knocking around the web.

If you get an Outlook, you might want to get it with the optional second row captains chairs. That way your older kid can easily walk back to a seat in the third row.

If you want more info without going to the retailer, just drop me a note."

How cool is that? You never know who is reading your blog! As a side bar we were looking at the captains chairs. What gets me is when any average person talks about their car buying experience to say someone who has sold cars before it is the same line every time.

"Oh if you want a good deal take me with you! These guys can do pretty much what they want as far as haggling over the price. I got this that and the other all thrown in for thousands of dollars less. Oh, and make sure you go at this time because they have to get rid of their inventory."

I'm serious I've heard this type of hype, so has my daughter and a few of my my friends. My dh and I always talk about (if we didn't need the money) working at a car lot just to find out the inside scoop! Oh maybe I could go on that show 30 Days and do it. Then I would know the read deal. Stay tuned.....

So far -
Saturn customer service is high ranking in my book.
Honda customer service still needs work.

The vehicle package and pricing for their vehicles -
Both still need to be haggled over. Ugh!


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