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Shoe Organizer by Real Organized


Shoe Organizer by Real Organized

This is a shoe organizer by real organized that is sold by Lowes. We needed something to hold our boys shoes. We had them on a wire shoe rack by the door but our tornado toddler kept disassembling it. Instead we opted for this easy-hang using velcro cuffs with 20 side pockets for additional storage. It can easily hold 10 pairs of shoes which is perfect since they have 5 pairs each. This system doesn't take up a lot of space and is great to hang in the closet. The problem: It's not great for big boy shoes. Think in terms of those athletic shoes. They are too bulky to fit properly inside. Even a pair of size 6 boys tennis shoes is a super snug fit. I would recommend it for little people shoes or even for us ladies. It's great for flip flops, sandles, casual flats and the like. If your shoes are any bigger then this system won't work very well for you. So before you go out and buy a shoe organizer take inventory of the styles of shoes you have. That will help you make a wise choice! Better yet you could take the biggest pair of shoes that you have with you to the store and compare different shoe organizers that way.


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