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WT?! - Day 145


WT?! - Day 145

Super! The ER doctor and assisting nurse are in awe of me. My Uvula (see image) is so swollen that it is nearly obstructing my airway. It's not that I'm ignoring anyone I'm just very sick. I tried to get an appointment but they were booked so my daughter took me to one of those RediClinics inside H.E.B. The nurse practitioner was shocked by what she saw and sent me off to seek further medical treatment and off to the ER we went. When I told the ER nurse what I was there for she laughed it off. "What? You're coming here for a sore throat?" It burned so badly to talk or swollow. She asked me if it was worse than childbirth. I said "YES!" I wasn't kidding I was in tears and on fire. Once they took a look they were shocked! "Can you breath? Are you having any trouble breathing? Can I take a look again?" "Wow! look at that, I've seen anything like that!" "Let's run tests" - I'm really trying not to freak out here. After another hand stick, steroids, anitibiotics and some pain reliever all inserted through the needle handing out of my hand, I have a nice case of Strep Throat. They've never seen a case like mine. They can't see puss pockets. Immediately I'm in panic mode. OMG - What about my 3 day old baby? Is she going to be ok? I've had my whole family at the house are they going to be ok? I was so worried! They assured me that everyone will be fine as long as they haven't drank or eaten after me. How did I get this? I haven't been any where. I've been trying to heal for goodness sake! My boy is turning 2 tomorrow. I just need to catch a break.

Thank goodness for my daughter who took me everywhere today so I could get some help.


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