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Whip It - Day 124


Whip It - Day 124

Amazing what nervous energy can be used to do. My kitchen is so organized it's scary. I think you would be proud if you saw it. I conquered it all. From the top of the fridge to every cabinet. My kids can easily reach their stuff and the dishes that they use without having to climb counters or use chairs. I cleaned my desk off too. Everything is in about 3-4 boxes but at least I know where it's located. I've got all the dishes and laundry done too. I'm a bit of a multi-tasking freak. If you've been on Twitter then you have seen all those music links that helped me get it done.

Meanwhile we were able to have a small party for the boy with cake, pints of ice cream and presents. My mom, grandma, daughter and nephew came over to celebrate. He was really happy! That was all before the wind came. Right now the rain has finally come. My whole family has touched base so we know where we all are and that's good. Thanks to all of you who stopped by to give me tips on how to make this day special for him even during the waiting period of a hurricane. I did try to make him his favorite breakfast but it didn't work out so well. I tried....

Song of the day - Whip It by Devo.


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