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Thursday Thirteen #44 - Wish List


Thursday Thirteen #44 - Wish List

1.) A referee shirt accompanied with a game whistle.
2.) A fort or playground set in my backyard for my kids to play on.
3.) The remaining broken pieces of wood from the shed to be removed from our backyard.
4.) One room in our house that isn't filled with dog hair, toys, computers or piles of paper.
5.) A new dining room set that doesn't have fabric on the chairs.
6.) I would like a new roof, gutters, garage door and the rotted wood replaced.
7.) I want to be able to walk in my garage safely.
8.) I would like to get rid of everything in my house that hasn't been used in 2 years.
9.) I want a new wardrobe with shoes and makeup.
10.) I want to not be embarrassed when people come over to my house.
11.) I want a total upgrade for my computer, keyboard and phones.
12.) I want to decorate every room in my house and paint it inside and out.
13.) I want to be a non yelling family again.
What? I can dream!


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