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Tuesday Toot Meme - #8


Tuesday Toot Meme - #8

This week, I didn't get the most horrible mother award and I'm totally tooting my horn about that. I'm still holding it together and not in a straight jacket yet. The kids are winning but they don't know it so I'm tooting my horn about my brave face! I was at soccer practice today with all the kids and was wiping off one child's face and quickly stuck my leg up to kick a ball that was headed right for Baby P who was asleep in her car seat. I'm tooting my horn for being dum, dum, dum, dum...Octopus Woman! I completely revamped my blog and everything else around me is just chaos. Apparently my blog is the only thing I have control over right now. It's my little section of my life that I can see instant positive change. It makes me feel better so Toot Toot!


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