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Hip To Be Square - Day 128


Hip To Be Square - Day 128

A perfect ending to a perfect day. Here I was searching for music after being in sort of a funk. I wanted something that would pick me up, you know lift my spirits. Britney is all the buzz right now on the internet for the VMAs on MTV. I thought maybe I could pick a song for today that was a little more current. Then it happened!

I searched the MTV VMA site and not only do I not know the songs from the winners, I don't like them either. The videos are just basically like watching soft porn except for Kayne West. At least he through in some graffiti in his video which was really cool because the song lyrics would pop and then I could understand the words he was singing. I think it's happened. I've become to old for today's music. Is that possible? I LOVE music and I try to stay current but some of this music is just BLAH! Piece of Me by Britney Spears. Geez! Give me a break.I'm going to stick with what I know and that would bring me to my selection for song of the day - Hip To Be Square by Huey Lewis and The News. I have also backed up my weekly playlist with a lot of goodies from the late 80's. This old lady is going to enjoy it and I'm thankful for that.

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