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mommybid - The New Ebay for Moms?


mommybid - The New Ebay for Moms?

I've never been an Ebay user or Ebay store owner. The whole idea of biding on an auction or offering an auction didn't appeal to me until now. Lauren Bernstein Weitzman - creator of the mommybar has put her programming skills to work once again. She has now created mommybid the marketplace for moms. I'm intrigued by the idea because it is geared towards moms and the things that we like to buy and sell. Who knows I may open my own store and sell some of these books and clothes that are no longer in use. What family couldn't use a little extra money? If your like me and new to the world of auctions no problem! Lauren created a help page to help answer our questions. If you would like to know what the fees are she has a button that covers that information as well. What's fun is that you can browse the site and research before you join. There's a really cool Rockabye Baby cd, lullaby renditions of ColdPlay that I have my eye on. See you there!


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