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Organize My Life?


Organize My Life?

Really, I can organize my life? Don't tease me because I'm way in over my head right now. I heard about on Twitter. That's where I'm getting a lot of information these days. I visited the site and it says there are over 300 lists. I'm a list person but here is the problem. I either lose the list or don't bring it with me where I need it. I also can have 3 kids crying at the same time which gives me the inability to think or lose train of my thoughts all together. Better yet I could be in the middle of something and have to change two dirty diapers at the same time. It's a ZOO around here! I could use Excel and make a list but here is the problem with that. I save files and forget what directory they are in and have to start over. I get interrupted by the kids or the phone and forget where I am. My kids push buttons on the keyboard and all my work is gone. Oh and my favorite my computer updates automatically and reboots! Awesome! I need something that will help me track giveaways, product reviews, ad space purchases, posts, memes, and little codes that I still need to work on as a blogger. As a business owner I need something to help me keep track of product reviews, contests, charities, tax reports, marketing campaigns, diaper cakes that need to be made and things of that nature. Now as a mom I need a list for the bills that need to be paid, grocery lists, appointments, a honey do list for my hubby, a chore list for my soccer star and that's just off the top of my head. I'm sure I could think of more. My computer is so chaotic right now that I can't even run a defrag because it's so full of stuff! I have to get a handle on things. Have you tried ListPlanIt? Is it worth the membership? I'm going to give it a test run and try it out. I'll keep you posted!


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