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Forever Young - Day 91


Forever Young - Day 91

Song of the day Forever Young by Rod Stewart. Today, with all of my little guys antics it reminded me of how much I cherish this time with him. As hard as it is to do what I do and to juggle everything, I wouldn't trade it. Some days I get paid in hugs and kisses and other days I get paid with nothing but tears. That's ok it comes with the territory. I didn't get to stay with my eldest and I swore that if I ever got the opportunity that I would stay with my children. I couldn't go through that experience again. It's a shame that I didn't get that time with her because it just flew by. Now she's a grown woman and I can't turn back the clock. I have to just remind myself every now and then that they grow up very quickly and to treasure it. I'm blessed to have days where I can get all these cute photos and string them in a slide show to share with the world. Much like today when our toddler wanted to wear his daddy's clothes. I'm always looking to have a life outside of being a mom but I'm reminded that there always has to be balance.


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