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Tuesday Toot Meme - #13


Tuesday Toot Meme - #13

Are you ready? This is going to be crazy! I'm going to list what's been done so far.
New washing machine - check
New coffee maker - check
New carpet shampooer - check
Pick Groovy Ruby winner - check
Start organizing Cyber Baby Shower - check
Pay Bills!
Reconcile checking account from March - check
Reschedule b-day party from Hurricane Ike fiasco - check
Scheduled baby girls 2 month old shots - check
Scheduled eldest sons hearing test - check
Scheduled time to finish diaper cake for Sassy Frazz - check
Cleaned out Blip.Fm playlist since I'm maxed out at 200 songs - check
Preparing for Bloggy Carnival - check
Got my eyebrows waxed - check
Got my hair done - check

Whoo Hoo!


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