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Home Depot: WARNING


Home Depot: WARNING

Look what my darling husband picked out for us! He went to and placed our order and got a confirmation code with a delivery date of 10/10/08. That's today! We've been waiting for this delivery all week. I've been doing laundry at my moms but it was ok because this nifty set was coming today. At least that is what I thought. Today my hubby called to find out what the 2 hour window was for delivery. To our surprise this set is not actually available online and he was told that their website needed to be "rebooted."

Are you flippin serious!? We have a confirmation code Home Depot! Your site gave us a delivery date and processed our order. None of your customer service reps could tell us what happened. Of course the only person that could possibly know what is going on is the manager. Guess what? We have no washer or dryer coming today!

Here is my warning consumers, before you purchase from Home you might want to double check your order. That's right! Double check it before you rely on a deliver date. Double check that the product is actually available to be delivered. I'm beyond disappointed! Will I shop Home again? NO.


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