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Thursday Thirteen #48 - Things I Ponder


Thursday Thirteen #48 - Things I Ponder

1.) Why can't I just pump my gas and go? Why do I have to enter my zip code and let the machine know if I want a car wash or not?
2.) Why is it that when automated telemarketers call and the recording tells me if I want to be removed from the call list to press #2 but it hangs up no matter what and they call again and again.
3.) When you call your credit card company and have to enter your account number into your phone and then you get a live customer service representative on the line and they ask you for your account number again. Why?
4.) Why do I have to fill out the same information on all those medical forms when I go to the Dr. Can't they just accept a self addressed sticker on each form? There has to be a better way!
5.) Why is it that when you have an appointment with pretty much anyone in the medical industry you end up sitting in the waiting room far after your appointment? Not only do you end up in the waiting room but they take you to the exam room where you get to wait some more!
6.) Why do stores have to change their layout? Just when I know where everything is they change it on me. Don't they know I have kids in tow and am pressed for time?
7.) Why do I always get the rickety basket?
8.) Why is that people who park far away from the basket return will walk the basket back but those who are parked closer will just leave it where they parked?
9.) Why does the mailman skip our mailbox if someone is parked in front it? Why can't they just hop out and put it in the box?
10.) Why does it seem like my son is always watching movies at school? "How was your day son?" "Oh we watched this movie or that cartoon....."
11.) Do babies need pacifiers? Is it for them or is it so that people around them don't have to listen to them cry?
12.) Why can't they just have an entire computer system that is wireless?
13.) Why can't I be rich instead of so darn beautiful?


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