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My Princess Closet For My Princess


My Princess Closet For My Princess

I'm so excited to introduce you to My Princess Closet. This online store is just for little girls and I wanted to shop there before but I didn't have a princess at the time. Most of you know by reading my blog that we have been blessed with baby Priscilla our brand new princess. When I got my package in the mail I was squealing with delight! The hat is just beautiful with small little rhinestones in the shape of a crown. I showed it to everyone and heard the same squeals and the "ooooh that is so cute! Where did you get that!?" All the women in my family (who happen to be at my house at the same time for a party) immediately started dressing her in something to match the hat and we all broke out our cameras. Here is the result! Is she cute or what? Would you like to win one of your very own hats for the little princess in your life? Stay tuned for your chance during the Bloggy Carnival coming in 2 weeks. I had to go back to My Princess Closet and look around some more. They have just redesigned their online store and I really like the new sleek design. I went through every single category and oh the cute stuff I found. They carry toys like this Hada the Hippo and shoes to pamper her little feet. There is also a large selection of great items in the sale!!! category. Look what I found! Are you squealing? My inlaws are in from out of town and all the women in my family came over again to visit with them and when I showed them this outfit they went nuts. The guys even gave it the big proud puffy chest with smiles to match approval. The big question was, "Where did you get this!?" We had to put Priscilla in it and then the cameras came out in full force. Once she was in this outfit it got really loud in our house! rofl - This outfit has her intials monogrammed on the front. Isn't this beautiful? I'm going to have to get another job because there are so many gorgeous outfits like this in their store and I need more money. You will enjoy great customer service and speedy processing of your order. I also found this news clip on You Tube of the owners of My Princess Closet. Watch this mother and daughter team in action!


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