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Social Media Consultant


Social Media Consultant

My name is Pamela Kramer and I am a Social Media Consultant. What can I do for you as a business owner? I can connect your business with all the latest top notch social media networks, rings, groups and help you network them all together. As a business owner myself I have discovered that social media is a separate entity. Keeping up with self promotion, product branding and services is a full time position. Every company should have an active social media department. Currently it might be combined with public relations. What companies will find is, in today's world having connections within the blogging world is necessary. Pop culture examples of this are Martha Stewart and her recent show that featured Mom Bloggers. Oprah Winfrey is also listening to bloggers. There are many ways to connect online and I can help you come up with a plan that will fit your company. If you would like to discuss what PMK Unlimited, Inc. can do for you please complete the contact form.

Thank you.


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