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Let's Dance - Day 106


Let's Dance - Day 106

OK - Lot's of changes happening over here on my blog. I've gotten rid of my music players on the left side bars. There was a weekly playlist and a song of the day player. Instead, I'm going to use my widget at the top. You will still be able to hear what I'm listening too and you will find my song of the day that goes with my daily post. Today's song of the day is Let's Dance by David Bowie.

I've accomplished a lot today but the list is still pretty long. Right now I'm just going to bask in what has been completed.

Oh, do you like my Social Media Consultant idea? Don't you ever want to just hire yourself out like that? Just think about all the graphic work, html coding, networking, social applications etc., that you know! The list is long isn't it? What company shouldn't hire you for that knowledge? Don't sell yourself short folks!


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