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Contest Promotion Blog Roll - Update!


Contest Promotion Blog Roll - Update!

Mommy Bloggers - Do you need a one stop contest promotion blog roll? I know I do! I keep forgetting which sites will help you spread the word about your current contest for free. I tracked down the ones that I knew about and created this handy dandy blog roll. If you know any others please let me know and I will add them!

Many have been added since I first posted this and here are few notes. If you see an M*** in front of the link it means you must have a membership to post there. If you see Mr. Linky and a day of the week, that means Mr. Linky is refreshed on that particular day. Also if you will right click on the hyperlink and select open in a new tab that will keep your from having to reopen the blog roll page. I hope these tips help. I use this blog roll myself so I try to catch any glitches before you do. If you want to add more please contact me. Also if you like to twitter, stumble, digg, mommybar, facebook, etc. your posts those links are in this blog roll too.

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