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9/23/08 - Win It Here!

Meet Jennifer Tankersley! If you haven't heard of her yet don't worry you will. She's the creator of Right now her company is all the buzz around the blogosphere. She has created a service that no business owner, blogger, parent or student should be without. can simplify your life in a matter of a few clicks. Who wouldn't want that? She could give Franklin Covey a few ideas.

What makes Jennifer Tankersley's service so great is that she has already done the work for you. I had a great time using her service and checked through every single list available and even submitted a few suggestions of my own. Many companies allow you to fill out pdf forms online but your not allowed to save the data once you type it in. That to me is very frustrating. I like to work smart not hard! What's great is that you can type inside of a list, save it and print it straight from your computer. If you need to share it with a coworker or spouse you could email it too. Allow me to highlight some of my favorite lists.

For bloggers or business owners these are awesome!
  • Promotion Tracker - keep track of your products/giveaways and the Alexa Ranking is a very cool feature.
  • NEWSLETTER PLANNER -- It is usually easier to see a newsletter laid out before you begin to create the final copy. Use this page as a preliminary worksheet.
For those who are new to Mommybid this would be great!
  • # ONLINE AUCTION LISTINGS (Buy) -- A Wish List for items you'd like to purchase through an online auction webiste.
    # ONLINE AUCTION LISTINGS (Sell) -- Use this page to help you get your items for sale on an online auction. Instead of scratching information about your lots on a piece of scratch paper, use this form and put it in a binder for your records.
  • ADVERTISING TRACKER -- Be sure to keep a record of every place that you use paid or free advertising. In the long run, it will help you decide where to concentrate your efforts.
  • GOALS AND ACHIEVEMENTS -- Ever feel like you're tires are spinning but you're not getting anywhere? Write down just what you want to push yourself to do during a week and then be sure to record your accomplishments.
For personal or family
  • DAILY REMINDERS -- This planning page helps everyone remember what they need to grab, pack, or prepare before they leave the house today. Fill in the date under each day of the week, then just scan across to quickly be reminded that today is library day for Sue, P.E. day for Henry, and Daddy needs to pick up his dry cleaning. Hang on a cork tile located right next to the door.
  • THOUGHTFUL THURSDAYS -- Plan out a month's worth of ways of being thoughtful to those around you. PERFECT for the family.
  • HOME FIRE SAFETY PLANNING -- Now has never been a better time to discuss your family's plan for evacuation in the case of a fire. Use thispage to arm yourself with the confidence that you and your loved ones will be ready should the unthinkable happen.Perfect for hubby.
  • RESPONSIBILITY LIST (Infant/Toddler) -- Suggested list of tasks for even the littlest ones. Train a child early on to believe that they are an essential member of the family.
  • POTTY TRAINING -- Steps to keep in mind during this intense and trying, but eventually liberating, time.
  • CAUGHT YA! (BEING GOOD) -- Remember the good stuff, too! Reward kind actions and obedient behavior.
  • COOPERATION ACTIVITIES -- If you find yourself constantly sending embattled siblings off to their room to "separate", next time try one of these activities to promote cooperation and teamwork.
  • DIVISION OF LABOR -- Stop battling it out with your spouse over whose job it is to take out the trash or do the laundry. Assign responsibilities here and know that everyone is pulling his/her weight.
For our recent natural disaster that we just experienced.
  • EMERGENCY EVACUATION INVENTORY -- If ever the unfortunate event of needing to evacuate your home at a moment's notice should arise, be prepared with this list. Keep a completed page in both you and your spouse's nightstand or in the hall bureau so it can be located in a jiffy. There be very little time to spare. Don't spend it trying to think about what you need. Just grab the list and get going!
I could go on and on about all the great lists that are useful to me but I would love for you to go visit yourself. Please take a look around because Jennifer Tankersley has graciously allow me to give away a 3 month membership to one winner her on my blog!

How can you win? Easy! Visit and come back here and tell me which list would be most useful in your life.

Extra Entries!

List Plan It SCHWAG

Ends 9/30

  • For bloggers - Show some bloggy love. Grab the contest button code and write a post on your blog about this giveaway and include any list that would be most useful to you!
  • For nonbloggers - Subscribe to Jennifer's newsletter.

    Don't forget to leave me another comment if you have participated in extra entries. The winner will be announced by 9am cst. 10/1 on this post. Good Luck!

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