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If God Will Send His Angels - Day 115


If God Will Send His Angels - Day 115

Hello Mr. Boss Man,
We have a slight problem. You see, when I took this job I thought I would be in a position where I would progress. I really thought moving up the ladder would be filled with pats on the back and maybe even a "that a girl!" I hoped I might get a high five every now and then or even a quarterly review so we could discuss how I've done and how to improve. We could even talk about maybe a raise. I really didn't see anything in the job description that said I would be catching puke in my hands on any given day. I don't recall reading anything about being a laundry goddess, dog catcher or even a medical technician. No, that wasn't any where in the job description. I really thought I would be able to get up each day and dress up for my big job and fix my hair and maybe even apply a bit of make up! You know, putting my best foot forward and all. There wasn't any mention of staying up at all hours of the night and passing out in my clothes and never seeing my hair in anything other than a pony tail. I thought maybe I would have some lunch dates or something rather than grazing off the plates of my coworkers. I don't think I saw anything about needing a daily supply of headache medicine and caffeine either. This job is beginning to be sort of a health hazard and I'm really tired. Mr. Boss Man, you didn't tell me that you would be leaving me for periods at a time to fend for myself with all these responsibilities. Is it possible that maybe we could trade? I'm not opposed to the idea of cross training at all. In fact I think that would be very beneficial to our company. I hate to sound like a weak link but it nearly took an act of God to keep me from leaving the office running and screaming today. I sucked it up though. After all that's why you hired me right? I'm a survivor. I found some inspiration - song of the day, If God Will Send His Angels by U2.


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