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Thursday Thirteen #45 - Lessons Learned


Thursday Thirteen #45 - Lessons Learned

Here is a list of lessons that I learned during Hurricane Ike.

1.) Technology is a double edged sword. It's great when it works but when it doesn't you find out just how much of your life is wrapped up in it.

2.) I enjoyed how much I was able to get organized in my home during our days without electricity.

3.) Just because your life comes to a screeching halt doesn't mean the rest of the world stops, it's going to move on without you.

4.) Heat makes people very irritable which increases stress.

5.) My eldest son went through television withdraw even though we normally limit his tv time.

6.) Music helps me get through the worst of times.

7.) I will not sit through another hurricane with my children If I can help it.

8.) My teenage nephew is a good kid. He has a close relationship with my brother and it's really cool to see that first hand.

9.) Price gouging is alive and well during times of crisis.

10.) My routine is slowly slipping back to what it was. I'm not sure if I want that routine back.

11.) There are many different aspects of my life that need to be changed rather than ignored.

12.) My baby girl and my toddler rock! They handled this week of natural disaster better than any of us. There is nothing like seeing a baby smile in their sleep.

13.) Insurance adjusters are very thorough when compiling their reports.


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