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Under The Boardwalk - Day 120


Under The Boardwalk - Day 120

My brother and nephew have been helping out our family in San Leon. My nephew took these photos on the way there which includes the Kemah area. We have power in our home but much of the area has still yet to resume normalcy. There are still so many people without electricity, power, food or gas. I had a Dr. appt. on the west side of Houston. The nurses told me that I could try the stores there and that they were well stocked with food and there weren't any lines. Well, by the time I got there they must have been bought out again. The only sort of meals I could buy were in a box or bag. I'm NOT complaining and happy to have it. We are very fortunate. Some gas stations are out of gas and the ones that do have gas have lines that go on for hours. There are some real horror stories about people fighting over gas and price gouging over gas and ice ($6 for a bag). It's hard to believe at a time like this that any business would take advantage of people. It's hard to believe that any looting would be going on in Texas. For the most part citizens are helping our their neighbor and we are all doing the best we can under the circumstances. The cell phones are still not working correctly. We tried to get a hold of family members for days and they were leaving messages but it took a while for us to get those messages. We are all coping the best that we can. It's going to take time, a lot of time.


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