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The Aftermath - Day 122


The Aftermath - Day 122

So what happened? Madness that's what. After I said goodbye to my tweets on 9/12 the power went out. We sat through the storm and it was scary to say the least. Once the sun rose we could see the damage and all of our neighbors and their neighbors too. We lost a few shingles here and there. Mostly we lost our entire fence that holds our three dogs. Luckily we had running water, luckily we shop in bulk, luckily we forget to put those Ozarka water bottles out every now and then and they just leave 5-6 at a time so we had 16 bottles stored. The cell phones worked on and off and it was hard to be reached or reach anyone. My brother lives 10 minutes down the road and he had a generator. He and my mother and my grandmother came over this morning with bags of ice, lanterns, a radio and flash lights. It was so hot and the baby was sweating the night before. I have no idea why but my brother's was blessed with electricity in his home Saturday at 11pm. They tried to call but they couldn't reach us and there was curfew in our area. He housed over 20 people in his home comfortably. We stayed with him Sunday evening and the kids were happy not to be in the heat. The cold front hit which was another blessing. We had no access to any information for 2 days. Our radio didn't work, there was no tv, no internet and no phones.

It is amazing what you can do with your time without all of those luxuries and if you don't believe they are luxuries try and go without power for a few days. I'm really proud of my state and the city that I live in. The people here pulled together to help each other out and the clean up began immediately. What was scary at this point is that even if we had power we would run out of food if the electricity didn't work for 3-4 weeks. Can you imagine? The news footage was annoying because of all the finger pointing. On the radio people would say we are Texans we will take care of each other and that is what I have seen so far.


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