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Go It Alone - Day 116


Go It Alone - Day 116

I'm on my own for the next 5 days with 3 dogs, 3 kids and ZERO fence. I made it through the first day. Song of the day Go It Alone by Beck. Thank goodness my son decided to invite my mother and grandmother over for hamburgers, fries and cheesecake. Sound good? It was pretty good!

I'm glad they came over because they needed to eat. They both own houses in San Leon where Hurricane Ike left it's mark all over their homes. The insurance company is giving them a hard time. They are in a very tough spot. They lost everything in their garages and partially in their houses from the flooded waters. The whole thing is a mess. There are people being found after the storm. I've been told that dogs are being used to search for those who didn't make it. I've been told that some of our relatives in Kentucky just got their power on today. I'm in awe of the destruction and the far reach it has had. It's going to be a long recover effort. I'm feeling pretty blessed right now.


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