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3:10 To Yuma: A Movie Review


3:10 To Yuma: A Movie Review

Oh my goodness! I would give this movie 4 super shining stars. I haven't seen a good western movie since the days of Unforgiven or Tombstone. In fact I was so in love with this movie I watched it twice! I don't normally make time to watch a movie twice but this was an exception to the rule. I might even buy this one. Russell Crowe was so fantastic in this film. You couldn't help but like his character Ben Wade. His side kick Charlie Prince played by Ben Foster was hilarious. He was incredibly loyal to his "boss." I'm not really a fan of Christian Bale but he did a nice job playing the part of Dan Evans the injured war hero. This film was packed with lots of action and adventure. It's packed with lots of foul language and violence too but it's still a great western film. Wait till you see the end! I won't spoil it for you just put it in your netflix queue!

Details provided by Netflix -
Rated R For violence and some language
PARENTS: Depends on your kid and your family. for 15+ (more)
122 minutes

James Mangold

Christian Bale
Russell Crowe

Ben Foster
Alan Tudyk

Peter Fonda
Vinessa Shaw

Kevin Durand
Logan Lerman

Gretchen Mol
Dallas Roberts

Johnny Whitworth


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