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Are You Your Own Best Friend? - Day 111


Are You Your Own Best Friend? - Day 111

Are you your own best friend? I know that I am. I can talk myself into or out of just about anything. Today I had a bit of a quandary. It was 2 something this afternoon and I'm so sleep deprived that I just want to close my eyes and pass out. I'm laying in my bed and my baby is on my belly sleeping and my toddler is on my right with heavy eyelids. I know we could all sleep really well but it's almost time to pick up our soccer star from school. If I pass out I might not wake up and he would be left up at school very angry with me.

I went ahead and got everyone ready to leave. I really wanted to pile them in the car and just drive over. I'm exhausted! My toddler says, "wagon!, wagon!" Clearly he wants to ride in the wagon while I pull. Mind you the school is a block away but I'm so tired. I don't want to walk. Then it occurs to me - (insert Dr. Phil here and his explanation of those tapes that we play ourselves). Mine went something like this,

me: I don't want to walk, I'm so tired.
toddler: wagon! wagon!
inside head: it would be easier to walk, your going to have to get them all out of the car any way.
me: I don't care, I'm going to fall over! I'm tired I don't want to walk, it's hot, I'm tired!
toddler: ride mommy! wagon!
inside head: Didn't you just write that Thursday Thirteen post with all your "goals!?" Isn't this exercise?
me: Grrrrrrrr, yes - I remember! yes - I need to get moving and no time like the present. FINE! Let's do it. Maybe I will catch a second wind and if not maybe I can nap when I get back if the kids let me.

It's hot, I'm sweating, I'm catching that second wind. Thank you God! My soccer star says, "why didn't you bring the van? it's hot!" I explain that it costs less to walk than drive and gas is expensive. Besides, I need to get my own tummy back I tell him. He begins to make all these jokes about my protruding belly button and how he can't describe it but he can draw it! Oh he's funny! The next thing I know I we are home and what do I see?


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