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Pretty Baby - Day 108


Pretty Baby - Day 108

Could I become a morning person? Hmmm. We are going on week 6 and Baby P. finally slept through the night and by slept through, I mean from 9pm to 4am. That is the best sleep I've had in months!
Instead of staying up like I normally do after the kids go to bed I went to bed with them. When she woke up at 4am we took care of her needs and she went back to sleep. I decided to stay up. The house was quiet and I was energized and I was moving quicker and thinking better. I just wondered if I would crash and burn during the day. I didn't. It's nearly 10pm and I really need to get to sleep now because I'm tired. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this isn't a fluke and she will sleep through the night again. I will keep you posted! Oh these new baby daze are tough.

My boys decided they wanted to dress the same this morning. You know I had to get a quick picture! I call this one "Mini Me."


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