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Cool New Gadgets


Cool New Gadgets

Just wanted to let you know about a couple of fun little gadgets I've run into on the net over the last couple of days.

1.) Ustream - Have you seen this? It's pretty neat. Alejandro from Successfool was on the other night brainstorming about his new comedy idea. How did I hear about it? Katja on Twitter. If you're not on Twitter yet you should be!
Katja is the owner of Her store is going out of business so look for a giant sale going on now!

2.) Gtalk Chat - I use gtalk chat a lot but I had not seen it in a blog until I visited JessicaKnows. You can import your chat to your blog. How cool is that?

3.) 12 Seconds.TV - Oh this is a fun one if you aren't afraid to put yourself on camera. Jessica isn't afraid she's pretty silly. I suggest you flip through her videos until you find her rendition of Cold Hearted Snake by Paula Abdul. Encore! Encore! There on the bottom right hand corner of her blog.

Have fun with these latest gadgets! Let me know how they work for you.

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