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I Wanna Be Like You - Day 107


I Wanna Be Like You - Day 107

I have to explain this Wordless Wednesday post somewhere. This boy is always into something. He didn't get the nickname "Tornado Toddler" for nothing. Lately with our new baby around he wants to get into all of her stuff. He climbs in her crib, if I'm not looking and as you can see from the photos, he sneaks into her swing and her little chair too. This little guy keeps me on my toes for sure!

It's been an exhausting day! I had a close call today when I came out of our bedroom and the house was smokey. The only appliances on were the washer and dryer. We are a family of 5 here, there is always washing to do. Turns out some belt was rubbing against something else and the short story is it's broke. We are all safe though and that's what is important. ;)


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