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Thursday Thirteen #47 - 6 Weeks


Thursday Thirteen #47 - 6 Weeks

It's been six weeks since Baby Priscilla has honored our family with her presence. At times it feels like this past six weeks has been a blur because of sleep deprivation. I thought it would be fun to try a Thursday Thirteen post about 13 ways she has changed.
1.) Her eyes are so much bigger.
2.) She can track us with her eyes too.
3.) Her face and cheeks (especially) are filling out.
4.) She is cooing. That is the most precious sound.
5.) She snores.
6.) She likes to have her hair brushed.
7.) She doesn't mind getting daily hugs and kisses from her brothers.
8.) She has grown out of those newborn diapers and is on to stage 1.
9.) She's drinking a good 6-7 ounces at each feeding.
10.) She slept 7 hours straight on Sunday night.
11.) She's grown out of all her newborn clothing.
12.) Her feet have outgrown all those baby socks.
13.) She has a birth mark on her pinky.


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