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Groovy Ruby! - Have You Heard?


Groovy Ruby! - Have You Heard?

Meet the all new girl group Groovy Ruby from left to right (Michelle, Kendall, Jenn, Sydney, and Carly). Look out Miley it sounds like you have some competition. Producer, song writter and musician Dean Laterra asked me if I would mind listening to Groovy Ruby's new cd titled Strong, Lovin', and Fun. You know I love music and couldn't pass this opportunity up. I didn't want to leave my readers out so I asked if I could give a copy to one random music lover. The winner will be deemed the coolest mom or dad in the world by their kiddos. Listen up moms and dads! Groovy Ruby is a girl next door kind of band with lyrics that have strong positive messages. Each song on this cd has a special meaning and you can read more about their content here.

"Essentially I'm trying to appeal to parents. The basic idea behind the group and tunes is that it's catchy rock tunes that parents don't have to worry about their kids listening to." - Dean Laterra

Groovy Ruby reminds me of The Beach Boys colliding with The Go-Go's! The cd is filled with a 50's - 60's kind of flavor. I listened to the whole cd while running errands with my boys. My toddler was totally rocking out and trying to sing along. I think these girls are on to something. One of my favorites is the song Valentine. I had that song stuck in my head all day.

"Groovy Ruby will be live in concert in New Jersey. Dove Soap is sponsoring the event as part of their Star Power campaign, a self esteem building initiative for middle school girls." - Dean Laterra

Here are a few songs to get you started.

Can hear how much potential these girls have. Would you like to win a copy of this cd? Click here to listen to more samples of their cd.

Groovy Ruby SWAG
Ends 10/12

Bloggers - Create a Groovy Ruby post! Grab this button and tell me your favorite song in your post. Come back here and tell me that you posted.

Non Bloggers - Come back here and leave a comment about your favorite song.

Let your kids have a listen and see what they think! Help these girls by spreading the word and show them some linky love if you can. I will announce the winner by 9am cst on 10/13 Good Luck!

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