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Introducing The New Crotch Guard


Introducing The New Crotch Guard

Just when you thought she had nothing else up her sleeve Pamela Kramer brings you the follow up to her famous product The Crying Chair.
Do you have a toddler that brings the crying straight to your crotch? Without warning they fly into a crying rage right between your legs? Maybe your doing the dishes and they come up behind you and cry in your butt cheeks. Hey, it happens! I have found a solution! It's called "The Crotch Guard" and it's sure to protect your crotch from the snot, tears, vibrations and any other disturbing sensations that come from a crotch cry. This great product is water proof and your kids will think you are cool because you look like a super hero! This fabulous product can be yours for the low cost of $9.99. If you call now we will ship your product for free. Please don't delay, you no longer have to put up with a crotch crier. Guard yourself today!

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