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Potty Training Boot Camp - Day 18


Potty Training Boot Camp - Day 18

My morning was filled with pee. I don't care how you slice it my kids decided to start my morning out right. This is how it went down with the one of them. lol
Toddler: 7:30am - He's right next to me in my bed. "Mommy, I pee pee in the bed"
Me: "What?" (Inside my head - How is that possible he has a night time Pull-Up on?)
Toddler: "Mommy, I pee pee in the bed"
Me: open one eye, raise up to find that big wet spot! AWESOME.

It's not his fault but it is mine and my dh, wouldn't want to leave him out, lol. Here's the thing about our Pull-Ups, they just became VERY expensive diapers.

Today was the day! We shouldn't have to figure out which Pull-Ups are daytime or nightime. This is a stupid system and what this toddler needs is my FULL undivided attention. PERIOD!!!

Today he got it and I let him go commando. The one minute I took my eyes off of him he had an accident. We had 5 successful potty visits. I pulled that potty chair right in the living room and stayed with him. It has been the longest day ever. It was a struggle! He didn't want to sit there and I didn't want to either but I did. I didn't get dishes done or laundry done or dinner cooked. I didn't get bills paid or emails checked or tweeted. NOTHING else but feed baby, change diaper and watch toddler!

During the process my poor son was coming in and out of the house. "Has he gone yet?" "No!" and back to riding his bike he would go. He's finally gotten the hang of his bike so this is all cool for him. He wants me to go outside and watch but I can't! I'm committed. I've entered potty training boot camp and this is what it takes. Meanwhile my son goes in and out some more and I look out the window and I see him and grab my camera. He has parked himself outside. He had his hot chocolate, book and everything. What a sport!

Why go commando you ask? Simple. When we started Pull-Ups it was working but then he got tired of sitting on the potty. He would cry and I gave up. We tried the underwear and he didn't care he would go. Basically I figured that anything covering him up he was going to potty on. Also there is nothing that will make me pay attention more than a toddler running loose in the house commando.

We went out to eat and put a Pull-Up on him and when we got back it was the same thing, go commando and park that potty chair in the living room. I gave him anything he wanted when he went those 5 times! Yep, I sure did. Whopper? Yes you can have it! Mint? Heck yes have 2! Tootsie roll? Sure you can have that too! This was a HUGE day for us.

My eldest asked, "Mommy is it going to be like this tomorrow too?" "YES!" "For how long?" "As long as it takes!"

I stuck to my guns today and I know that this is what it takes. It's 100% of my attention. I just had to see the bigger picture and I should not ask if he wants to go! It's sit him down every hour on the hour and let him try. I have to track his system and in order for him to focus on it, I have to focus on it.

We also have a system of, if someone has to go to the bathroom ask the toddler to take you! That helps him associate it and he will sit down in his own potty chair while he waits.

Till tomorrow!

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