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Muffins For Mom


Muffins For Mom

My day started out oh so sweet! It's Muffins for Mom at school today. My son and I went to his school this morning for breakfast. I haven't had alone time with my son in over 2 years. We walked to school together and sat and talked and I walked him to his classroom. It was a great morning. I only had to dress myself! I'm only 10 minutes away from the school but that 10 minute walk alone home did wonders for me.

I don't get that car ride alone. I don't get that bathroom time alone. I only get that after bed time alone and by then I'm so tired! All I want to be is left all alone. I just want mindless television. I enjoy my kids but every mother needs a break. That's how we can be good mothers is by having room to breath. We don't have readily available sitters. Most of the extended family is busy doing their own things to help out. My hubby, he's busy working trying to keep us all fed.

I've tried to catch up on research today and blogging a bit just to catch up. The baby is asleep but the toddler he has emptied out all the batteries, all the band-aids and now all the gold fish crackers. *sigh*

It's a good thing he's so darn cute! I can laugh about it.

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