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Mirror, Mirror


Mirror, Mirror

With new furniture also comes mirrors. There are more mirrors in the house now. What does this mean? It means that my hubby and I are very much aware of what we look like now and how much we have grown. We were a hot looking couple 12 years ago. lol - Throw in a bunch of kids, dogs, responsibilities, stress, bad diet, lack of exercise and we don't look so hot any more.

I think these mirrors will be a good thing for us. We grabbed a Health-0-meter from the store. That scale is really cool because it will tell you your body fat and water weight. Now we can get more information when we weigh in.

Scott @fatlossquickie suggested that I get a 1 gallon container to make sure I drink water and put it on my desk. Santa brought me a container and I filled it up and it's been sitting here full for days. *sigh*

Jessica @JessicaKnows did a complete New Years series about making changes. She focused on some really great points. My solution to solving many of my issues would be to stay off the computer or at least limit my use.

I love what I do but some times I get tunnel vision and everything around me gets neglected. All that does is create an overwhelming cycle of me constantly cleaning, organizing and trying to catch up with my life. It's daunting and I'm very unhappy living this way. Changes are coming!

I finally bought my new pair of New Balance shoes today because I love them so much. My feet are very happy now. I picked up some more pants too. I'm on an out with the old and in with the new kick. I have bags and bags of clothing to donate. Our baby girl is just flying through these clothes. She's finally 5 months old and she wears 9 months. It's so sad to see all those clothes that she wore maybe once or twice.

Good-bye toy room, hello baby room! She's in her own room now. We have to get some decorations up on the walls but it's coming along. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. *smiles*

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