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Strange Days


Strange Days

The POSHpreneur thanks for following my blog! Today was such a strange day. The kids did not want me doing anything today unless it included catering to their every single need. That's not too big of a deal because usually it's just one of them but not today. Today it was all three of them. It was as though they had orchestrated a plan when I wasn't looking. I think it went something like this....

8 yo: "ok you two, while I'm away at school you guys drive her crazy so she will cut me some slack when I get home."
2 yo: "No problem boss! I will just make a mess when she looks away and I'll do that crying slobering thing I do and scream at her "hug, hug!" she can't resist that."
baby: "That's a great idea guys and I'll be sure to spit up on her and make some really stinky poos. You know the kind that make her want to hurl?"


rofl - They can't break me!

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