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Marley & Me


Marley & Me

I finally went to see Marley & Me yesterday. Much like "The Notebook", when you read the book you worry they won't be able to capture it in a movie. When I read Marley & Me I bought several copies of the book and gave them to family and friends. I laughed and cried. John Grogan did a wonderful job writing about a topic many pet owners can relate to. It's amazing how our pets are part of our families, they just happen to walk on all fours.
Owen Wilson did a fantastic job, sorry Jen but he out shined you. They did a good job capturing the story but personally I liked the book better. I remember trying to read past the tears at the end. There was suppose to be this really tear jerking scene between Owen and the dog but lucky for me something happened. There was this person who opened their cell phone which of course shines light and distracts everyone around them from the movie. Annoying for people to text during a movie. Either way it was worth seeing but do yourself a favor and bring a tissue or two!
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