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Welcome 2009


Welcome 2009

Photo credit - Fireworks explode over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House during New Year's celebrations in the Australian city on Thursday. (Rob Griffith/Associated Press)

What a great way to start off the New Year! Top 13 things that we are planning for 2009.

1.) Get new bedroom furniture and change to a king size bed and get boys a bunk bed set.
2.) Go to BlogHer '09 in Chicago.
3.) Get the toddler potty trained so he will be ready to start a school program.
4.) Scan inventory with xrf for general conformity certification.
5.) Bring our garment printing in house.
6.) Figure out what to do with our vehicle situation.
7.) Get the van fixed from our fender bender and get the case settled.
8.) Get our house painted.
9.) Finish the paper work for the insurance reimbursement from Hurricane Ike.
10.) Family vacation this year?
11.) Upgrade our computers. Mine can no longer handle my mounds of multi-tasking. Show me a computer that can run Excel, FireFox,, Twitter, PhotoShop, Quicken and TextPad at the same time without stalling. ;)
12.) Remove the carpet and get some nice hardwood floors and tile in the kitchen and bathroom.
13.) Take care of outstanding accounting issues.
I'm not asking for much. Wish me luck on my list.
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