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Photo Shoot


Photo Shoot

We did it! We got the 3 kids in the house to a photo session at JcPenny! Our photographer did a great job. I bought so many photos it is crazy. The tutu was provided by Lily Cait (now closed due to #cpsia) and the head band was provided by Tracy Patterson. They all look so cute and we can really see how our eldest son is maturing. It's amazing how quickly they grow. I had hopes that our eldest daughter would show but it was not to be.

I'm quickly finding that it is difficult for our oldest son to understand that she won't be available for most of the family things that we do. He remembers the last photo session when it was her, him and his baby brother. I keep thinking how weird it is for me but it is just as weird for the little people around here.

I had another strange dream last night. I was shopping for my eldest daughter and I remember getting on an elevator with the sales lady. The elevator had a trap door. It's hard to explain but basically you had to stand in this certain spot or you would fall through.

I didn't fall through but just had that feeling of falling and then I woke up! Awesome.

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