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Queen to King


Queen to King

And then came all the furniture! Getting new furniture is a lot of work. We've spent the last two days cleaning out rooms, moving out furniture and trying to put our house back together again. Our neighbors thought we were moving! lol - Nope just new bedroom furniture for us and the kids.

This was a monstrous job but well worth it. I think we are going to be a much happier family now. There's nothing like upgrading your own little corner of the house. We still have a lot of work to do but it's coming along!

We moved from a queen size bed to a king size bed. We have to fit all these kids you know. It is so cool! There is so much more room. Our bed is so comfortable that I couldn't sleep how weird is that? My back didn't really know how to adjust. We are making some long over due changes.

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