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A Breath of Fresh Air


A Breath of Fresh Air

Jen Harris & Princess Time Toys - Thanks for following along!
After all the craziness of the weekend we finally had a day to catch up on our lives. We took all the kids and dogs in the backyard and had a hotdog roast. Priscilly jumped in her galloping horse and the boys jumped on the trampoline. My hubby melted aluminum. You have no idea how happy is about melting metal in the backyard. This was a BIG deal. Whatever, he's happy and in a good mood so....

My Mom had purchased some outfits for Priscilly but they were too small. This baby is now a whopping 19.5 pounds at 5.5 months. She wears size 12 months. Anything smaller makes her look like she is in sausage wrapping.

One of the stores was The Children's Place. As cute as their clothes might be I could not deal with the loud music. During my return the cashier and I were shouting at each other and we are 3 feet away from each other. I did say, "WOW the music sure is loud!" Rather than exchange the outfit or shop around I just left with the money. Don't worry Mom, I'm going to put it in her piggy bank!

Our next set of returns was at JcPenny. I knew I should have just left after I returned the outfits but she's running low on pj's and onesies. After I stocked up and her big brother picked out a toy bunny with a blanket we had to go to his section. My son has turned into a pj collector. We found some Clone Wars pj's and boy was he happy! They are also selling these dinosaur t-shirts with toys attached for "free." Ha! Don't waste your money because those toys fell apart as soon as we got them home. He was pretty disappointed. Overall it was a good day around here.

I just can't wait until we can get our lives in order enough to where we can really relax with the kids more. Saturday and Sunday mornings are the best! They each get up one by one and hang out with us in our bed. They are all so cute. I'm calling the baby "Gummy Bear" now because that's what she reminds me of when she grins at me with her gummy smile. *warm & fuzzy*

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