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The Mile


The Mile

My son's big race is on Wednesday. My buddy and I did it. We trained him for the race and he can do the entire mile. I've been running with him as much as I can. Today, I made it the whole mile too. I was a lot slower than him but I finished and really that's the point. We think it was about 12 minutes to run the whole mile. If I had my mp3 player then I could go faster. Music helps me focus! I want to run the 5K in July so I'm well on my way. Although my knee hurts but other than everything else seems to be working properly. I want to get back to boot camp so badly. I'm totally trapped inside this body.

I have an entire closet full of clothes I can no longer wear. I'm really down to two options. Spend the money on boot camp or spend the money on a wardrobe that fits. I'm finished having kids. I'm ready to find me again. I feel guilty sometimes. I'm not even close what I use to be. Not even close! But I ran a mile today and that's a big deal. I'm on my way.

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