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More about Blogher '09


More about Blogher '09

Were you like me and trying to figure out how you were going to attend the "Super Bowl" of conferences Blogher '09? Only now to find out that you waited too long and even if you wanted to go there aren't any tickets left! There is a waiting list and good luck if that's what your route is going to be. I know of many bloggers who wanted to go and were looking for sponsorship. Over here I created a post as a way to connect those who needed sponsors and those who wanted to sponsor with a Mr. Linky. Then came the news today on Twitter that there were no more tickets.

As I was updating the post I removed the Mr. Linky code - eek sorry. But it turned out well because now those that HAVE tickets to Blogher '09 but still need help have signed on. I hope that it can work for both parties. Next year when this huge event rolls around don't ponder if you're going! Decide because they might sell out 3 months in advance this time.

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