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Kidnapped by My Mother


Kidnapped by My Mother

The guys have made it to their destination so they are off enjoying snow. The weather is still horrible here. I've got over 400 starred emails in my inbox. That is super nuts. That just translates in me clicking on that star because I'm going to look at that later or respond to it later. I was on a roll and catching up with all sorts of stuff.

My Mom called to see if we wanted to go to dinner and we did. Then we went shopping and the evening was gone! She bought all sorts of stuff for our baby girl. She will be 7 months old next week and she's wearing 12 - 18 months. How crazy is that? We did have a blast shopping for her though. I don't really get to shop for her much. My boys won't let me look around the stores. lol

She finally got to bed and now I'm on task again and my eyeballs burn. Hmmmm maybe I should go to bed? Then again I always become sort of an insomniac when my hubby is away. They will be back soon so I better get busy!

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