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I Wanted To Run...


I Wanted To Run...

When I say I wanted to run today it means jog for 30 seconds and walk for 60 for 2 miles. I got into this routine and I'm doing well and then came the cold. No worries! Bundle up and be like Nike - (Just Do It!) but then came the flippin rain! This is why there are gyms and treadmills. Had I still had a membership I could have gone and continued my routine.

My feet are so tender so maybe I could use a day off but I feel so much better breaking a sweat. Yep, it needs to happen on a daily basis. No I'm not kidding! I'm just so sick of this body I'm in and it needs to be remolded. lol

Guess who is going out of town? Yep my hubby is taking our boys to see snow for a few days. SWEET!

What should I do while they are gone? I'm going to have the baby and I have 3 file boxes full of work to do. I never sleep well when my hubby is gone. I could blog hop and catch up on all my starred email. I could make those 4 diaper cakes that I need to make. Oh decisions, decisions!

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