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Goody Goody!


Goody Goody!

All my packages arrived today! What a treat. It's not very often that I buy stuff for myself but I did recently. I bought the new book for me by Steve Harvey, for the boys SteamPotVille by Steve Ouch, Helping Mom by Mercer Mayer and the new U2 cd No Line On The Horizon that would be for me too. Sweet! I haven't listened to the cd yet. That's something I will do when I have a day full of errands. My boys LOVE the books. I'm sure I can put the new cd on my mp3 and use it to run and walk too on the track. There is nothing like lifting your own weight. By that I mean if you begin to jog or run you can really feel the weight of your own body. LOL - My body is very annoyed with me! It's all a work in progress. Here's to better days.

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