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To blogher or Not To blogher?


To blogher or Not To blogher?

I had grand dreams of going to blogher this year! My hubby is all for it and we figured out how we could make a family trip to Chicago and how great it would be. I would love to put the blogs with the faces that's for sure. One of my favorite blogs is Milk Breath and Margaritas. Amy and I have been talking since Maya's Mom was still around. We can relate on a few different levels but mainly we both have adult girls. It's nice to know that there is someone out there that gets what I'm going through. She understands and blogs about it too! I was hoping to see her at blogher. When I asked her she gave me her reasons but these words stood out the most..."in this economy I won't spend that much on a hobby." And then I heard the crash of my dreams to go to blogher. She's right. She's completely right. My family would be paying for this trip. I'm not sponsored or anything. I just thought it would be fun. Amy is right though and then I do the math and then I'm sighing and thinking "maybe next year."

How scary is it now that so many people are losing their jobs and hanging on to every single penny. Bloggers are coming out of the wood work posting how we can save money. All these wonderful tips and tricks. Of course Oprah, Dr. Phil and the other day time talkers are doing the same thing. I'm constantly thinking about the state of our finances. So I ask you To blogher or Not To blogher? What are you thinking?

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